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Arghya Goswami

Faith, Knowledge, Contemplation

Storytelling has always been my passion. 

"Stories from Upanishads" is my first attempt as a story-teller through podcasting and I'm enjoying it.

Why Upanishads? While I am working on tight deadlines as a software professional, I realised that we need an outlet to relax, rejuvenate, to recapture our souls. So, I started reading the Upanishads and found a wealth of stories which shake one up and prod to contemplate further.

In this podcast series, I am retelling these stories from the Upanishads, bringing to you a bouquet of tales which pushes you towards self-realisation, understanding the Brahman or the Supreme Being, and understanding the nuances of the foundational building blocks of Santana Dharma philosophy. My wife, Jiniya, and I have worked hard to bring to you these great tales in a  simplified format, so that they can be understood in the context of the modern world.  

I might not be a scholar of the Upanishads, but have given it a try and am yet to explore further. What I realise is, everytime you read them, you attain a new understanding. These stories generate more questions than answers. It is a way to think beyond what is written in these ancient texts. I love to ponder over them, meditate on their hidden meaning, and spread the love and the light to all.

I hope that you will enjoy listening to my podcast series, the labour of my cognizance and reverence.

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