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Do you know Brahma's Lifespan?

As per Hinduism, The Unverse which we live in starts with the origin of Brahmaa. It runs till Brahmaa's life and after His death another cycle starts with the creation of next Brahmaa by Vishnu. Brahma although rises from the padmanabha or lotus from the navel of Vishnu is a Swayambhu or Self-born. Swayambhu Brahma’s lifespan extends to 100 years. His 1 day consists of a day and a night. During day Universe runs and during night everything dissolves and nothing left and Vishnu goes to sleep on Sheshnag. Universe again starts on the second day at daytime and this cycle goes on till Brahma's lifespan. A daytime of Brahma consists of a duration of 1 Kalpa and nighttime is also of same duration. 1 Kalpa equals to 14 Manvantaras. 1 Manvantara consists of 71 Mahayugas. 1 Mahayuga consists of 4 Yugas called Chaturyuga they are in the ratio of 4:3:2:1. Kaliyuga age is 1200 divine years or 4,32,000 human years. 1 divine year is equal to 360 human years. Satyuga is 4 times of Kaliyuga ie 4800 divine years or 17,28,000 human years. Tretayuga is 3 times of Kaliyuga i.e. 3600 divine years or 12,96,000 human years. Dwaparyuga is 2 times of Kaliyuga ie 2400 divine years or 8,64,000 human years. 1 Mahayuga is 12000 divine years or 43,20,000 human years. 1 Manvantara is 8,52,000 divine years or 30,67,20,000 human years. 1 day of Brahma equals to 2 Kalpas ie 2,40,00,000 divine years. So Brahma's 100 years lifespan is equal to 864,0000,00,000 (eight kharab sixty four Arab) divine years or 311.04 trillion human years. Brahma is in his 51st year and first day.

So currently the ongoing Kalpa name is Sweta Kalpa, ongoing Manvantara is the seventh one called Vaivasvata Manvantara and the current Mahayuga is the 28th one out of 71 in which we are in Kaliyuga which has been started in 3102 BC and 5125 (AD2023) human years has been elapsed in this Kaliyuga.

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